Zodiac Birthstones List

All about Zodiac Birthstones and Astrological Birthstones: Zodiac Birthstones List

Birthstone – Zodiac Signs and Birthstones

Looking for a zodiac list of birthstones? So which astrological birthstones go with which zodiac signs? There are many different views – but the one we have here is the one most widely agreed upon. Note that the zodiac birthstones does not necessarily correspond with the monthly birthstones, partly because of the overlapping months, and partly because of the mixed opinions on zodiac birthstones.

More about Zodiac and Birthstones: Birthstone Symbolism

Pisces birthstones, Leo birthstones,Ö Confused by the conflicting views on birthstones? With variations on zodiac birthstones, monthly birthstones and anniversary birthstones, the best advice is to simply follow your intuition. If a gemstone ‘feels right’ for you, then that is probably the gemstone that would suit you best.

Zodiac Sign Birthstones

Birth date Zodiac Sign Birthstones
21 January to 18 February Birthstone Aquarius – Birthstone Garnet
19 February to 20 March Birthstone Pisces – Birthstone Amethyst
21 March to 20 April Birthstone Aries – Birthstone Bloodstone
21 April to 21 May Birthstone Taurus – Birthstone Sapphire
22 May to 21 June Birthstone Gemini – Birthstone Agate
22 June to 22 July Birthstone Cancer – Birthstone Emerald
23 July to 22 August Birthstone Leo – Birthstone Onyx
23 August to 22 September Birthstone Virgo – Birthstone Carnelian
23 September to 23 October Birthstone Libra – Birthstone Peridot
24 October to 21 November Birthstone Scorpio – Birthstone Beryl
22 November to 21 December Birthstone Sagittarius – Birthstone Topaz
22 December to 21 January Birthstone Capricorn – Birthstone Ruby

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