Who holds the Wedding Rings

Who holds the wedding rings? And other Wedding Ring Tips on the nuances of Wedding Ring Etiquette.

Wedding Ring Etiquette & Wedding Ring Tips

So who holds the wedding rings on the day of the wedding? While the rings may be kept in a special place prior to the wedding, the best man takes responsibility for the rings on the day itself. He will usually keep them in his tuxedo pocket, and pass them to the bride and bridegroom at the appropriate time, when the rings are about to be exchanged.

Sometimes, the bride’s maid of honor may hold the bridegroom’s ring at the request of the bride – but the best man usually holds both in most traditions.

How about the ring bearer?

The ring bearer is usually a young boy who carries ‘dummy rings’ attached to a pillow down the church aisle. This tradition dates back to Egyptian times, when pillows were used to present gold and silver. The best man ensures that the rings are well secured to the pillow. To minimize the possibility of any accident if the ring bearer carries the real wedding rings, only pass him the pillow after the line is formed.

Where should the bride wear her engagement ring?

Both the engagement and wedding rings should be worn on the ring finger (the finger next to the little finger) of the left hand. The wedding ring should be worn on the inside – signifying that the wedding ring is closest to the bride’s heart. In fact, it was traditionally believed that a blood vein ran directly from the ring finger to the heart.

The confusion arises over what to do with the engagement ring on the day itself. The bride should switch her engagement ring to her right hand just before the ceremony, so her left hand is ready for the wedding ring. She can then wear the engagement ring over the wedding ring after the ceremony.

What if the bride is wearing gloves?

Since the ring size should fit the bride’s finger size exactly, it is awkward for the wedding ring to be worn over the bride’s gloves. When the rings are exchanged, the bride will thus remove her left glove and pass it to the maid of honor, until after the groom slides the wedding ring on the bride’s finger.

Who pays for the rings?

Traditionally, the groom pays for the bride’s engagement and wedding ring, while the bride pays for the bridegroom’s wedding ring.

Who holds the wedding rings after the wedding?

This is largely based on personal preference; there are few social mores and traditions to follow. If the bridegroom’s daily work entails much physical work involving machinery, wearing the wedding ring to work would be dangerous. Sometimes, elaborate jewelry may not be permitted at the workplace; both the bride and bridegroom may thus leave their wedding rings at home.

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