What is Fine Jewelry

What is Fine Jewelry? All about fine jewelry, guide to fine jewelry, advice on how to buy fine jewelry

Fine Jewelry refers to jewelry made from precious metals (eg. platinum, gold of 14 carat or higher) and semi-precious stones (eg. diamond, rubies, sapphires). This is the most common type of jewelry found in jewelry stores. But there is another important component: craftsmanship. Fine jewelry can more strictly be defined as the work of a master metalsmith using the materials listed above.



What is Costume Jewelry?



Costume jewelry, or fashion jewelry, is sometimes used in contrast to fine jewelry. It is made of less valuable materials such as glass, plastic and synthetic stones instead of more valuable materials such as precious metals and gems. Costume jewelry moves with fashions and trends, while fine jewelry tends to be regarded more as collectibles and keepsakes. Nonetheless, items sold by the high-end costumer jeweler do increase in value over time; these collectibles are sometimes called vintage fashion jewelry. Famous costume jewelers include Coco Chanel and Kenneth Jay Lane.



What is Estate Jewelry?



Estate Jewelry simply refers to jewelry that has been previously owned. It may or may not be antique; so long as it has been used or purchased, it is considered estate jewelry. The estate jeweler/buyer specializes in the purchase of estate jewelry. Estate jewelers may sell bought pieces intact or alter them in various ways to make them more attractive for resale. Especially for pieces deemed as antique jewelry, you may be able to sell the jewelry you have bought years ago at a higher value.



What is Jewelry?

This brings us to the broadest definition: so what is jewelry? Traditionally, jewelry has been an adornment that indicates social status and is most often worn by the aristocracy. However, the modern sense of jewelry refers to any form of adornment for clothing or for the body. Jewelry is generally worn, made of precious and semi-precious metals, and embellished with various gems.

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