Wedding Ring Setting

Wedding Ring Setting Ideas: White Gold Ring Setting, Pearl Ring Setting, Antique Ring Setting, Gem Stone Ring Setting.

Is there an ideal diamond ring setting? The choice of diamond wedding ring setting will depend largely on your taste and aesthetic eye. Here are some of the most popular diamond wedding and engagement ring settings. There are important peculiarities to each diamond engagement ring setting; diamond ring settings should be chosen with just as much thought as the diamond itself.

Pave Setting Engagement Ring


Wedding Ring Setting: Pave Setting Engagement Ring

A unique ring setting, pave engagement ring settings are literally paved with diamonds. Pave setting engagement ring.

Trellis Setting Diamond Ring/Prong Setting Ring


Wedding Ring Setting: Trellis Setting Diamond Ring, Prong Diamond Ring Setting, Claw Ring Setting

The trellis setting diamond ring, also known as the prong diamond ring setting or the claw ring setting, is very popular for use in solitaire engagement rings. Trellis setting diamond ring.

Bezel Setting Engagement Ring


Bezel Setting Engagement Ring, Bezel Ring Setting

The bezel ring setting is one of the most common ring settings, where the rim completely surrounds the gem. Bezel setting engagement ring

White Gold Ring Setting / 14k Gold Ring Setting


Wedding Ring Setting: White Gold Engagement Ring Setting, 14k Gold Ring Setting

The white gold engagement ring setting can be an ideal choice given its affordability. White gold ring setting.

Platinum Diamond Ring Setting


Wedding Ring Setting: Platinum Diamond Ring Setting

The platinum wedding ring setting and platinum engagement ring settings are probably the most expensive ring settings available. Platinum diamond ring setting.

Titanium Diamond Ring Setting


Wedding Ring Setting: Titanium Diamond Ring Setting, Black Titanium Ring Setting

In a class of their own, black titanium ring settings have shaped the latest fashion trends. Black Titanium ring setting.

White Gold / Yellow Gold Tension Ring Settings

Wedding Ring Setting: White Gold / Yellow Gold Tension Ring Setting, Tension setting engagement ring

Gradually gaining popularity, the tension setting engagement ring maximizes the brilliance of the diamond extremely well – it can enhance diamond color by as much as two grades. Gold tension ring setting.

Pearl Ring Setting

Wedding Ring Setting: Pearl Ring Settings

In pearl ring settings, the pearls are half drilled before being set and secured with glue. The pearl ring, with its soft glow, radiates, a quiet feminine charm. Pearls symbolize loyalty and faith – ideal for the engagement ring. How to choose fine pearls.

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