Trellis Setting Diamond Ring

Trellis Setting Diamond Ring. What you need to know before you buy diamond rings with the Prong Diamond Ring Setting and Claw Ring Setting.

The trellis setting diamond ring, also known as the prong diamond ring setting or the claw ring setting, is especially popular in solitaire engagement rings. As these prongs are often small, more of the diamond would be visible; with this solitaire engagement ring setting (trellis), it would also be easier to clean the diamond.

Platinum Trellis Solitaire Engagement Ring

Platinum Trellis Solitaire Engagement Ring, Trellis Setting Diamond Ring

Between a four-prong or a six-prong setting, each has its advantages. While the four-prong trellis setting would show off more of the diamond, the six-prong trellis setting holds the diamond more securely.

However, prongs protect less of the diamond, and tend to get caught with clothing and other fabrics.

14k White Gold Trellis Engagement Ring

14k White Gold Trellis Engagement Ring, Trellis Setting Diamond Ring

Custom Trellis Diamond Ring Setting

If you wish to have a custom made wedding ring, customize the type of prongs as well. The prong ends can be formed into decorative shapes – ovals, V-shapes, points, etc. Choose tall prong settings if you wish to perch the diamond – but not so large that the prong overpowers the diamond aesthetically. Choose short prong settings if you wish to keep the diamond closer to your finger – but not so short that the diamond is poorly held in place.

Tip: If you choose a pointed gemstone such as a marquise cut diamond, a V-shaped prong will protect these pointed edges well.

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