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Learn to sell diamond jewelry: How to sell diamonds, How to sell a diamond ring, sell diamond ring.

Puzzling over how to sell diamonds? Remember the deBeers slogan ‘Diamonds are forever’. Diamonds are among your best investments, but to sell them at the highest possible price, you need to be able to market them well. This article introduces you to the key factors that determine resale value, and covers exactly what you need to know to market your diamonds well.

(Note: for small businesses / owners looking to sell large quantities of jewelry, knowing How to Display Jewelry is crucial)

Sell used diamond ring – sell diamond rings by knowing the 4C’s

In many ways, selling a diamond is similar to buying a diamond – except that this time the buyer/seller roles are reversed. You need to know the 4 C’s of Diamond carat cut color clarity (how to buy diamonds) well. Purpose: to determine the value of your diamond in the first place.

For more expensive items, you might want to have a professional jewelry appraiser to help you determine the most realistic market price.

Once you have determined your ideal resale price, identify your target sales audience: classified ad readers, auctioneers, family members, friends, neighbors, jewelers.

Then explore the relevant channels: classified ads in the newspapers, eBay listings, Craigslist. For more costly items, include the diamond paperwork (professional appraisals, certificates) that came with your diamond. These can help you bargain for a significantly better sell price.

Also include brief information on the history of the diamond, if it might help increase the sell value: where you purchased the diamond, the extent of care for the diamond, whether there are any new blemishes (or does it look as good as new).

Beware of fraud buyers: Choose not ship your diamonds for them to be ‘evaluated’; ship them only if you have already confirmed the sale.

Where to sell diamond jewelry: Websites to sell Diamond

Need to sell a diamond – and looking beyond Ebay and Craigslist? Check out the listings below. Sell diamond jewelry, sell diamond loose, sell any piece of jewelry!

Australia: Sell diamond ring Sydney

For those in Australia seeking to sell loose diamonds and sell diamond rings, head to the Diamond Exchange.

Philadelphia: Sell diamonds in Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s Jewelers Row is an excellent source. Our recommendation? The Sydney Rosen Company.

Chicago: Sell diamonds Chicago

Check out the Chicago Diamond and Jewelry Exchange

Los Angeles: Sell diamond jewelry Los Angeles

Among the favorites: the Los Angeles Diamond Factory

North Carolina: Sell diamonds in Winston Salem

The Windsor Jewelers and Diamond Back Grill is increasingly popular

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