Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

What you need to know about the radiant cut diamond engagement rings before you buy radiant cut diamond rings.

Radiant cut diamond engagement rings are easily favorites, for they combine the best features of the princess cut and the emerald cut. A hybrid cut, it improves on the shape of the princess cut while retaining the square shape, and combines that with the cut corners of the classic emerald cut. The cut diamond engagement radiant ring is without doubt one of the defining cuts that has charted recent fashion trends.

First patented by Henry Grossbard in 1977, the radiant cut is a brilliant innovation also called the ‘brilliant-zed step cut’. Radiant cut diamonds often have up to 70 facets cut into a characteristic pattern, and are most commonly used as center stones in various ring settings.

It is easy to identify the radiant cut: look out for the squarish/rectangular stone with corners that are clipped.

Radiant cut diamond ring

Radiant cut diamond rings are appropriate for all occasions. The cut diamond radiant ring is a favorite, largely due to its beauty, brilliance and fire.

Radiant cut diamond ring

Cut diamond: Radiant

For ease of cutting, radiant cut diamonds are usually sourced from near-square stones rather than oblong ones. The radiant cut diamond looks great not only as a solitaire, but also when paired with side stones such as trillions.

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