Pave Setting Engagement Ring

Buying the pave setting engagement ring? What you need to know about pave setting engagement rings before you buy engagement rings of pave setting.

Pave Engagement Ring Settings

The Pave Setting Engagement Ring has always maintained an attractively distinctive look, for pave engagement ring settings are literally paved with diamonds. A unique engagement ring setting, the pave diamond engagement ring setting creates an appearance of a solid diamond surface that takes the place of the metal band.


However, the pave diamond ring setting exposes the diamonds much more than the other settings. Thus, diligent care is all the more important so your diamond pave ring setting will last. More on how to make ensure your diamonds last here: how to clean diamond rings


Pave Setting Engagement Ring

Pave Diamond Engagement Ring: Pave Setting Engagement Ring

A unique diamond ring setting, the pave ring setting can vary significantly in price. If you are on a tight budget, it would be a good idea to use imitation diamonds such as Cubic Zirconia for the pave stones. More on Cubic Zirconia and other imitation diamonds here: Jewelry Scam Using colored gemstones instead of diamonds would also further reduce the price.

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