New Jewelry Trends

Here are the New Jewelry Trends, Latest Fashion Jewelry Trends, Hot Jewelry Trends, Current Jewelry Trends and the Latest Trends in Jewelry.

Charming Trends in Jewelry: How to identify the Hottest jewelry trends and the Latest trends in Jewelry

Which are the new jewelry trends? Buyers and sellers alike will find this article very helpful. For buyers, knowing the hottest jewelry trends will help you purchase the most trendy and fashionable jewelry. For sellers, knowing the newest jewelry trends will alert you to the latest fashions and trends and help you evolve your product lines quickly.

Defining the ‘New’ Jewelry Trend: Who determines fashion jewelry trends?

The truth is, fashion and jewelry trends merely reflect a complex interplay among three factors: advertising, designer creations and consumer tastes. Be it the celtic jewelry trend or the oriental jewelry trend, whatever is ‘in fashion’ is often difficult to pin down, and will depend on whatever is most popular at that period of time – as determined by those three factors.

Hottest Trends in Jewelry / Current Trends in Jewelry

As we look upon the residue of the 2007 fashion jewelry trend, favorite sources of the 2008 jewelry trends include trade shows, wholesale shows, trade magazines, celebrity jewelry. The most prominent ones would probably be Modern Jeweler, JCKStyle and perhaps Look also to famous designers such as Carl Blackburn for ideas.

Unfortunately, many of these are merely passing fads: domed rings, button earrings, coin jewelry.. The 2007 Autumn Jewelry Trend will fade as the Spring 2008 Trends Jewelry comes into fashion. Trying to keep pace with them would sometimes mean running into much inventory – so the best solution is really to follow your gut instinct: does the new fashion appeal to you in the first place? If not, it’s best to wait a while – to see if the new fad really takes the market by storm.

Latest fashion jewelry trends / Jewelry fashion trends

That said, there are a few clear fashion trends that have emerged recently.

Wedding Jewelry Trends / Bridal Jewelry Trends

Titanium rings and Titanium bands

Titanium rings are sometimes seen as representing the height of men’s fashion. They are hardy and durable, and offer a sleek, classy feel.

Body jewelry

Ear piercings, belly rings, nose rings, tongue rings – you name it. Especially for those who admire gothic fashion, body jewelry has gained significant popularity among teenagers.

Class and elegance: Hearts on Fire diamonds

Hearts on Fire diamonds have also become increasingly popular – imagine a diamond with a radiance and fire so brilliant it can steal your heart!

New Jewelry Trends: Celebrity Jewelry Trends

Celebrities are another important source of jewelry trends. For a historical overview, here’s a wealth of information on Celebrity Fashion.

Want more hints? Look towards Celebrity Wedding Rings.

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