How to String Pearls

How to string pearls. If you want to make beautiful hand-made jewelry, this is essential. Here’s how to string, knot and restring pearls.

How to knot pearls

Want to know how to string pearls? Stringing pearls is not difficult! You can learn it within an hour. These are the materials you will need: clasp, beading wire, silk/synthetic thread.



Due to exposure to moisture, perspiration and substances such as perfume, makeup and lotions, pearl necklaces and bracelets should be restrung every one to two years. Otherwise, these substances can wear the silk, causing it to break. SoÖ how to restring pearls?



Follow these 8 easy steps to learn how to knot pearls and how to make pearl necklaces:


  1. Cut a length of silk or synthetic thread four times longer than your current/intended necklace length
  2. Cut a length of beading wire and fold it in half
  3. Cut the ends of the beading wire at an angle
  4. Secure the silk/synthetic thread between the beading wire
  5. With the beading wire, single-thread all the pearls (string through all the pearls once)
  6. Tie one end of the thread around one end of the clasp, then double-thread the pearls (string through all the pearls again)
  7. With the longer free end of the thread, start from that end and thread through the pearls one by one: Tie a knot with the free end around the thread that has already been strung through the pearls.
  8. Once you have went through all the pearls, use the remaining free end of the thread to tie the other end of the clasp.

Congratulations! You now know how to make a pearl necklace.

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