How to Evaluate Diamond Color

How to evaluate Diamond color? Understanding diamond color grade.

The rarest diamond color grade: D-color

How to evaluate diamond color? In colorless diamonds, the differences from one diamond color grade to another can be very subtle. Diamonds are graded on an alphabetical scale beginning with the letter D, according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) color system. Grades D, E, F are exceptionally rare, and are the grades that indicate a colorless diamond. Thereafter, the colors exhibited are progressively more tinted, with a brownish and yellowish tint.

Color grade D is thus the most prized. Nonetheless, the untrained eye would hardly be able to tell the difference in color from grades D to H if the stone is mounted, as the diamond’s high brilliance and fire would disguise the difference in grades. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, a diamond with grade H still appears relatively attractive and colorless.

Why you may want a tinted diamond color grade

How to evaluate diamond color would depend on your taste, budget and priorities. For one, your cost savings can be very high if you settle for a more tinted diamond color grade. And with the difference in cost, you may even get a larger diamond, or one of stronger clarity and cutting. Remember the Four C’s are intricately linked in determining diamond value: how to buy diamonds

While Grades G to J are near colorless, Grades K to M give only a faint yellowish tint, and Grades N to S give a very light yellowish tint.

Besides, a more tinted diamond can convey a sense of warmth and a special appeal – all the more true when everyone else seems to be purchasing that colorless diamond!

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