How to Clean Pearls

How to clean pearls, How to care for pearls, How to care for pearl necklaces. Must-read after you buy pearls. You want to make sure your pearl jewelry last and do not lose their lustre despite years of wear.

How to clean pearls and care for pearl necklaces so they last? Generally, the thicker the nacre coating, the more durable the pearl. But pearls are more fragile than other gemstones, and thus need more care.

Here are a few guidelines to help you care for pearls well. Follow them carefully to make sure that your pearls last:

  1. Wipe your pearls with a soft, lint-free cloth whenever you take your pearls off (Avoid using abrasive cloth – it might wear away the nacre coating!).
  2. Clean dirty pearls with mild soap (Avoid using ammonia or harsh detergents – unlike for diamond jewelry (see how to clean diamond rings )
  3. If you use hand and body creams regularly, remove your pearl rings before applying them.
  4. The same applies for makeup and perfume: remove your pearl necklace before applying them.
  5. Store your pearls in a separate compartment – do not store your pearls with other jewelry made of metals and gemstones, as the rough surfaces will rub against the pearls.

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