How to Buy Diamonds

Diamond Buying Guide: How to shop for diamonds, how to buy diamonds of quality?

How to select a diamond: How diamond prices are determined

How to buy diamonds? How to buy rough diamonds like a professional jeweler? The informed buyer knows how to choose a diamond based on his budget. Sometimes known as the ‘Four C’s’ in how to choose jewelry, here are the main factors that affect how diamond prices are determined, in order of importance:

  1. ColorHow to evaluate diamond color
  2. Clarity (Degree of flawlessness) – Diamond Clarity Grade
  3. Cutting and proportioning – an increasingly important factor that can significantly affect diamond value and its durability. What is diamond cut? Learn how diamonds are cut here: How are diamonds cut
  4. Carat weightDiamond Carat Size Chart

How diamonds are graded / How are diamonds rated?

According to the basic factors above. Diamond grading/appraisal reports now accompany most fine diamonds weighing one carat or more, and can be very helpful on our path to learning how to buy diamond.

What is diamond appraisal? Beyond certifying that the diamond is genuine, a grading report provides a full evaluation of the critical factors affecting value, beauty and quality. But more importantly, you must make sure that the report matches the stone, and that the stone matches the condition described. Laser inscription and ion beam technology help the most cautious verify the former; as for the latter, check the date and read the clarity grade carefully. Diamonds can be damaged or chipped along the way. Master how to buy a diamond with a sharp eye.

How to buy diamond earrings?

Diamond earrings tend to be favorite gifts for Valentine’s. With the comfortable price range, many people increasingly tend to buy diamond earrings online. How to buy diamond earrings

How to buy diamond ring?

Perhaps the single most important reason why you’re here is to learn How to buy that ideal diamond wedding ring

How to clean diamonds, How to sell diamonds?

How to clean diamonds

Especially important for engagement rings, learning how to clean diamond rings and how to clean diamond jewelry will help you keep them brilliant and sparkling for years. How to clean diamonds

How to sell diamonds / Where to sell diamond jewelry

Selling estate diamond jewelry can be a viable source of income, especially since diamond jewelry pieces hardly lose their value over time. Estate jewelers can be easily located through your local phone directories. Remember De Beers’ slogan? A Diamond is Forever. But first, you need to understand the Four C’s that affect the value of diamonds. How to sell a diamond – your approach depends on the monetary worth of the diamond. The higher the value, the more likely you would be able to save the hassle and sell it directly to an estate jeweler. The same applies for how to sell diamond rings, earrings, and so on, as the stone is what primarily determines the resale value.

Finally, learn how to spot fake diamonds

How to buy diamonds? First ensure that you get exactly the diamond you paid for, and not diamond imitations such as Cubic Zirconia and Synthetic Moissanite. Head to Jewelry Scam.

Background: So what are diamonds?

Knowing the basic terms can be immensely helpful. Click here for answers to ‘what are diamonds’, ‘what are conflict diamonds’, ‘what are blood diamonds’, ‘what do diamonds symbolize’ and other ‘What’ questions.

How are diamonds made/formed

For those who have the time, this will give you some excellent background information. Head to How are diamonds made?

Similarly, head to Where do diamonds come from? to learn about where are diamonds found.

How diamonds are mined

Again, another piece of useful background information. Head to How are diamonds mined?

That’s all for now! This series of questions on diamonds – ‘How to buy diamonds?’ and related questions – has hopefully helped you feel much more confident and informed the next time you walk into a diamond jewelry store. Be glad you have just picked up such an invaluable skill!

(Common misspelling: diamond jewlery how to buy)

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