How to Buy Diamond Ring

How to buy diamond ring: How to buy diamond rings she would love regardless of your budget.

How to buy diamond ring? Why does one diamond engagement ring cost so much more than the other though they seem to look similar? Buying wedding and engagement rings does not need to be frustrating at all! Diamond rings are ideal for the more formal occasion.

Ask for diamond grading reports

Ask for grading reports for the diamond rings that you are interested in buying. Use your newly acquired knowledge of the Four C’s, and check off a mental checklist as you go through the grading report. Pay attention to what makes some diamonds seemingly more attractive than others – first, examine the diamond’s fire. Also known as dispersion, fire is a term that describes the collective colors shining out of the diamond. Second, look at the diamond’s brilliance. This term focuses on the white light shining out of the diamond.

Learn to buy diamond rings with confidence by first mastering the Four C’s: quick refresher on the Four C’s – How to Buy Diamonds

Beyond the mental checklist routine described above, however, buying diamond rings is also an art that you will get better at over time.


When you buy diamond rings, you may come across the term ‘blemish’. This is a negative that refers to markings on the surface of the diamond – these markings may be seen only when magnified or with the naked eye; these detract from the value of the diamond. Ask for an eye-glass to examine the diamond on the ring carefully for blemishes before buying it.

The other term you may come across is ‘inclusion’. These markings are typically natural, and may refer to cracks or other minerals observed within the diamond. Occasionally, inclusions may also be identified as blemishes.

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