How to Buy Diamond Earrings

Learning how to buy diamond earrings will help you greatly next Valentine’s: diamond earrings are ideal for these less formal occasions. As with how to buy diamonds, you can buy diamond earrings with confidence if you understand the Four C’s well.

Once you are certain about what the Four C’s are, ask for the stats in order of impact on aesthetic appeal if that’s your main priority: cutting and proportioning, color, clarity, carat weight.

If your budget is the main concern, ask for the stats in order of impact on diamond value: color, clarity, cutting and proportioning, carat weight.

But regardless of your main priority, the diamond’s fire and brilliance should be your main concerns – for they are what make diamond earrings so attractive when worn.

Then narrow down the choices to your two favorite designs, so you can compare the two designs side by side. But don’t limit yourself to certain types of earrings: diamond studs, dangle earrings, hoop earrings – be creative!

Estate Jewelry?

If the special person you have in mind likes the vintage feel, estate jewelry can be an excellent source of affordable antique diamond earrings.


Ask if there has been any form of diamond ‘enhancement’. Ask about whether there are any inclusions or fillings. As the buyer, you definitely have the right to know; never pay a higher price for a lesser diamond!

Imitation Jewelry?

Cubic Zirconia earrings can be an excellent alternative if you are running on a tight budget, but make sure that whatever you are paying for is the real deal. More on imitation jewelry and earrings here.

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