How Diamonds are Mined

How are Diamonds mined? Here’s how diamonds are mined. How kimberlite pipes work.

Alluvial Diamonds

So how are Diamonds mined? Here’s how diamonds are mined without sophisticated equipment: alluvial mining. In riverbeds and on beaches, miners build walls to restrain the water and bulldoze the sand until they reach a level of earth where diamonds can be found. The sand is then driven to screening plants, when the diamonds are extracted.

Unfortunately, alluvial mining means that in certain areas, alluvial diamonds can be extracted by almost anyone with a shovel and sieve. This easy access to diamonds has led to the horrific reality of blood diamonds or conflict diamonds, as these easily available diamonds have been used to fuel conflict. What are Diamonds – More information about conflict diamonds and blood diamonds here. They are diamonds that you should avoid buying if possible.

Kimberlite Mining

As for the more sophisticated method of kimberlite mining, shafts are sunk deep into the earth. From the mine shaft, tunnels are driven towards the kimberlite pipe. Huge rocks full of diamonds are then transported out of the mine for separation. This is the method by which most of the diamonds in the world at present have been produced.

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