Hearts on Fire Diamonds

All about Hearts on Fire Diamonds (commonly misspelled as: hearts of fire diamonds or heart of fire diamond) and whether you should get them. Depending on your tastes, the hearts on fire diamond can make a perfect gift. It is distinctive and first in class.

Would the Heart on Fire Diamond really steal your heart?

As the name suggests, Hearts on Fire Diamonds are designed to capture your heart. While the typical ideal cut diamonds are ideal in proportion only, these diamonds are perfect in the three key areas of proportion, polish and symmetry.


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Perfectly cut and polished at 100x magnification (10 times more than the industry standard), HOF Diamonds are intensely beautiful and without doubt excellent adornments to rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings. They are specifically cut to maximize the diamond’s sparkle, fire and brilliance – and will easily catch every eye.


Or a mere brand name?

Sold at more than 15% higher prices than comparable stones from Tiffany, HOF diamonds have sometimes been seen as little more than a marketing hype. Are you merely paying for the brand name?

The truth is, the diamond does have its superior qualities. Many jewelers, after much close examination, agree that the diamond is unique in its ability to produce brilliant flashes of color. With a loupe, you will see eight hearts if you look at the stone from the bottom; and from the top, eight bursts of fire. Even the selection of the stone is very meticulous – head to HeartsOnFire.com to find out more.

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