Heart Cut Diamond Ring

Buying heart cut diamond rings? What you need to know about the heart cut diamond ring. Buy heart cut diamond jewelry with expert eyes.

With a fancy cut diamond that has strong brilliance and fire, the heart cut diamond ring distinguishes itself well from the traditional oval or round cut diamond ring. These fancy cuts help maximize the carat weight. Colored heart cut diamonds are particularly common. This pear-shaped diamond is a popular gift for loved ones – perhaps over Valentine’s and other important occasions celebrating one’s significant other. The heart cut diamond usually contains 59 facets.

Though less popular for formal occasions such as engagements and weddings, these rings are ideal for less formal occasions such as Birthdays and Valentine’s. Below are pictures of the diamond heart cut.

Heart cut diamond ring, Brilliant cut Heart shape

Heart cut diamond ring, Brilliant cut Heart shape, Fancy design

Heart cut diamond: loose

Loose diamonds are readily available as well. Be careful about buying flat heart cut diamonds, for the flat cut will dull the brilliance of the stone, thus reducing its appeal.

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