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All about Gemology School: Find out more about the best gemology schools and schools of gemology

Thinking about gemology school / Interested in obtaining professional jewelry appraisal certification? Some of you have requested for a list of recommended gemology schools – here you go! Included based on personal experience and industrial recommendations, the following schools are among the most prominent and highly recognized:


International School of Gemology

A certified education provider for the US State Department, the ISG (under Robert James) is among the most credible – and affordable – in the line of gemology schools.


Gemological Institute of America

The Gemological Institute of America is the standard – but probably a little expensive for most. Otherwise, it is without doubt the most highly recognized in the world.




Rigorous and also highly respected, FGA has programs internationally – but is perhaps most prominent in the US and the UK. Less expensive than GIA, with a more rigorous coursework, FGA is highly recommended by many.


Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS)

If you are able to make a trip to Bangkok, the AIGS is an excellent choice for in-depth study of colored stones. An internationally recognized educational and research institute, the AIGS offers top-tier courses on every level of industry.

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