Diamond Oval Cut

Buying oval cut diamond rings? What you need to know about the oval cut diamond ring before you buy oval cut diamond jewelry.

If well proportioned, the diamond oval cut gives excellent fire. The brilliance of well cut oval shaped diamonds can even match that of the round shaped diamond. Ideally, the length to width ratio should be approximately 1.5 : 1. If poorly cut, the ‘bow-tie effect’ may appear. Oval cut diamonds usually have 56 facets, and generally look best when colorless.



Oval cut diamond engagement ring

The oval cut diamond is an excellent center stone for engagement rings and wedding rings. However, of the four Cs (More on the Four Cs here), the clarity and color are especially important for the oval cut diamond. Impurities and inclusions are easily spotted, and can mar the appeal of the otherwise beautiful oval cut diamond engagement ring.


Oval Cut Diamond Ring

Below is a picture of the oval cut diamond ring. Notice the variety of colors that can be used in this diamond cut, while still presenting an attractive effect overall. Oval cuts are distinctive in taste.
Oval Cut Diamond Ring

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