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What is a diamond circle pendant necklace? The circle in the pendant necklace represents the everlasting love or commitment, and shows how life can be connected with one another. It has 3 meanings: Circle of Life, Success beyond your wildest dreams and what goes around comes around.

A diamond circle necklace is something which is easily matched with clothes, and many teenagers like to wear them. This necklace is something which is simple, elegant, beautiful and personality, giving a European style. A necklace is something which one would notice first when they meet you.

Many have customized their loved one’s name or significant dates carved on their necklaces. While wearing a diamond circle pendant, one can wear dull colour clothes to stand out the pendant necklace. Diamond is something which many women like. When picking pendant necklace to give a woman, do pick silver. Many would argue that silver may rust over time, but it is something which is easy to be tending with. Just by wiping it, it preserves its colour. It is also not too expensive as compared with gold.

Types of Diamond Pendant Necklaces

Diamond pendant necklaces have several different types of lengths – traditionally, there are seven:

  • Necklaces 25 to 32.5 centimetres long: These wrap tightly around the neck. Examples of short necklaces like these include chokers.
  • Necklaces 40 to 45 centimetres long: Pendants tied to these types of necklaces hang above the breastbone. They hang close to your neck.
  • Necklaces 42.5 to 50 centimetres long: Necklaces at this length, can attach pendants or lockets, meet at top of breastbone.
  • Necklaces 50 to 60 centimetres long: These meet at the top of the bust line. Examples includes certain strands, and pendant necklaces.
  • Necklaces 70 to 80 centimetres long: These may be worn as doubled strand as they would hang at or below the bust line.
  • Necklaces 100 centimetres and longer: These necklaces hang below the navel, and often worn either doubled or tripled.
  • Necklaces 120 centimetres and longer: These usually wrap or knot around the neck without a clasp.

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