Diamond Carat Size Chart

Carat Guide: Use this Diamond Carat Size Chart to Convert carats to mm width, points, mg, grams, ounces, obolus and seer.

Diamond carat chart to convert diamond carat weights

The handy diamond carat size chart here will help you convert carat weights to more tangible forms of measurement. Skip below for the carat weight scale and how to convert diamond carats to mg, g, kg, oz, obolus and seer.

Diamond carat size chart to convert carat sizes to diameter width for a round diamond:


Diamond Carat Weight Mm Width
0.05 carat diamond 2.5 mm
0.10 carat diamond 3.0 mm
0.15 carat diamond 3.4 mm
0.20 carat diamond 3.8 mm
0.25 carat diamond 4.1 mm
0.30 carat diamond 4.3 mm
0.40 carat diamond 4.8 mm
0.50 carat diamond 5.2 mm
0.65 carat diamond 5.6 mm
0.75 carat diamond 5.9 mm
0.85 carat diamond 6.2 mm
1.00 carat diamond 6.5 mm
1.25 carat diamond 7.0 mm
1.50 carat diamond 7.4 mm
1.75 carat diamond 7.8 mm
2.00 carat diamond 8.2 mm
2.50 carat diamond 9.0 mm
3.00 carat diamond 9.3 mm
4.00 carat diamond 10.2 mm
5.00 carat diamond 11.0 mm
6.00 carat diamond 11.7 mm
7.00 carat diamond 12.4 mm
8.00 carat diamond 13.0 mm
10.00 carat diamond 14.0 m

Convert carats


Carat Weight Scale: Carat definition / What is a carat

Diamonds are always measured in carats. A carat is a unit of weight (not of size!). Each carat further divides into 100 points. Thus, 50 points equals half carat.

However, do not assume that a 2 carat diamond costs twice as much as a 1 carat diamond! The higher the number of carats, the rarer the diamond – thus the price increases more than proportionately. Click here for more on diamond price per carat.

Convert carats to milligrams (mg)

To convert carats to milligrams, simply multiply the number of carats by 200 milligrams. Eg. 1 carat = 200 milligrams

Convert carats to grams (g)

To convert carats to grams, simply multiply the number of carats by 0.2 grams. Eg. 1 carat = 0.2 grams

Convert carats to kilograms (kg)

To convert carats to kilograms, simply multiply the number of carats by 0.0002 kilograms. Eg. 1 carat = 0.2 grams

Convert carats to ounces (oz)

To convert carats to ounces, simply multiply the number of carats by 0.007054784 ounces. Eg. 1 carat = 0.007054784 ounces

Convert carats to obolus (Ancient Rome)

To convert carats to obolus (Ancient Rome), simply multiply the number of carats by 0.350877 obolus. Eg. 1 carat = 0.350877 obolus

Convert carats to seer (India)

To convert carats to seer (India), simply multiply the number of carats by 0.000214338 seer (India). Eg. 1 carat = 0.000214338 seer

There we go – the diamond carat size chart and all the conversions complete this section on the four C’s of diamond color clarity cut carat!

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