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Celebrity Wedding Ring Fashions and Trends – All about Famous Wedding rings

Celebrity wedding rings tend to define fads and trends, and are the focus of the public’s curious interest in celebrities. They also have the potential to set new fashion trends. Learn more about the celebrity fashion jewelry of yonder.

Jennifer Aniston Wedding Ring

The Jennifer Aniston / Brad Pitt wedding ring is a ring to remember. Set with the careful engravings ‘Brad 2000’ and ‘Jen 2000’, the wedding ring’s designer was none other than the man himself – Brad Pitt. This ring has a band of white gold set with 20 diamonds; Pitt’s was set with 10 diamonds.

Legal controversy: The wedding ring stood at the heart of a large fifty million dollar legal battle. The couple sued the Italian maker Damiani for supposedly reproducing the rings and using them in its advertising despite a prior agreement.

Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Ring

Jessica Simpson’s wedding ring? A 8 carat pear cut diamond ring, with 2 smaller diamonds by the sides. Worn when she married Nick Lachey. Despite the quick divorce of the couple, Simpson continued wearing her wedding ring as a pendant round her neck, along with a cross her parents gave her and a cross worn also by her mom and sister.

Jewelry brings memories and carry significant sentimental value.


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Melania Knauss Wedding Ring

Donald Trump’s wife got a true gem from the real estate mogul. The Melania Knauss wedding ring was a 15-carat classic emerald cut diamond platinum ring. It also had by its sides tapered diamond baguettes. This was no ordinary ring, and had a natural D flawless diamond worth more than a million. The wedding ring was a Graff creation – this London-based company was sometimes also known as the ‘Lord of the Rings’, for good reason.

In fact, the lavishness only did not stop with the ring. The Trump-Knauss wedding ceremony was so expensive that it was called the ‘Ceremony of the Century’.


melania knauss wedding ring, celebrity wedding ring, famous wedding rings

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Britney Spears’ Wedding Ring

This wedding ring of a celebrity led to significant media attention. Spears was special among brides – she actually purchased her own wedding ring, a forty-thousand-dollar platinum ring. When pregnant with their first child, Kevin Federline presented her with a second ring. This is the ring pictured. A unique creation of Cynthia Wolff, the ring was set with a 5.5 carat brilliant cut diamond.


britney spears wedding ring, celebrity wedding ring, famous wedding rings

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