Birthstones and Superstitutions

Find out the myths and stories associated with Birthstones and Superstitions. There are stories and ancient beliefs for each birthstone that have been passed down through the ages. Here is your guide to what these stories are. Regardless of whether you are superstitious or not, know the qualities associated with each birthstone can be edifying and carry an aesthetic significance.

Garnet – Birthstone January

Protects you in the case of lightning

Protects you from danger; its color changes when you are in imminent danger

Gives you determination and resolve

Brings you company

Amethyst – Birthstone February

Protects you from fever and asthma

Protects you from ailments of sorts: nightmares, lack of digestion, contagious infections

Brings you company

Aquamarine – Birthstone March: Facts about the Birthstone Aquamarine

Brings you success and wisdom

Cures pains of the tooth

Alleviates lack of digestion and its symptoms

Diamond – Birthstone April

Gives you boldness and daring

Brings you a life well lived

Engenders faithful, mutually loving marriages

Emerald – Birthstone May

Stimulating; sometimes known as the aphrodisiac

Engenders judicious sexual behavior

Cure for such ailments as fits, venom, epilepsy

Moonstone – Birthstone June

Cures consumption and kidney problems

Attracts good fortune

Protects seafarers and explorers

Ruby – Birthstone July

Lightens in color if in contact with poison, antidote against poison

Heals wounds, prevents nightmares and stomachache

Protects against evil and water hazards

Peridot – Birthstone August

Grants eloquence

Offers protection against evil and nightmares

Sapphire – Birthstone September

Attracts wealth, positive energy and health

The White Sapphire protects one’s chastity and protects travelers

Opal – Birthstone October

Loses shine and brilliance if owner dies

Black opals attract wealth

Loses powers if given to a selfish person

Allows one to prophesize if used to do good

Topaz – Birthstone November

Cures insomnia, indigestion, respiratory ailments

Prevents thirst

Engenders faithful, mutually loving marriages

Turquoise – Birthstone December

Protects against accidents – especially those relating to equestrians

Protects you from danger; its color changes when you are in imminent danger

These birthstones and superstitions are those I have heard so far; there may be many more. Leave a comment if you know of more.

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