Birthstone Color Chart

Months / Birthstone Color: Birthstone Color Charts and Swarovski Birthstone Color Chart

Want to know the birthstone colors monthly? Use the birthstone color chart to find out the different monthly birthstone colors, regardless of whether you are looking into birthstones, birthstone jewelry or Swarovski crystals!

Birthstone Chart Color: Birthstones and Months

Month Birthstone Colors Gem Birthstones Colors
January Birthstone Garnet Pale Orange to Dark Red
February Birthstone Amethyst Pale Lilac to Rich Purple
March Birthstone Aquamarine Deep Blue to Greenish Blue
April Birthstone Diamond Colorless / White
May Birthstone Emerald Green
June Birthstone Alexandrite Red and Green
July Birthstone Ruby Red
August Birthstone Peridot Olive Green
September Birthstone Sapphire Pale Blue to Dark Indigo
October Birthstone Opal Multi-color / Rainbow
November Birthstone Topaz Blue to Violet Red
December Birthstone Turquoise Blue to Green


List of Birthstone Colors: What are the colors meanings and possible colors of birthstones?

Red, White, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Aqua, Gray, Purple, Black – find out the full meanings of each below.


Meaning of Birthstone Colors: Birthstone Colors and Meaning

White/Colorless Birthstones

White – the moon, winter and snow. White is the combination of every color. It is a symbol of birth, youth and innocence, and is often linked to the characteristics of humility and purity. It may represent marriage in many cultures, but mourners – especially in Eastern cultures – also tend to wear white.


Yellow Birthstones

Yellow represents the sun. It is a symbol of imagination, joy, hope, intellect and confidence. However, yellow can also represent mendacity and deceit in some cultures. In Egypt and Burma, yellow is the color used in mourning.


Orange Birthstones

Orange represents attraction and energy. It is a symbol of creativity, mental vitality and fervor, and is commonly associated with enthusiasm and high levels of energy.


Green Birthstones

Green represents life, and the fertility of the earth. It is a symbol of peace, harmony and calm, and is commonly associated with youth, vigor and vitality. In some cultures, it also represents wealth, money and prosperity.


Blue / Aqua Birthstones

Blue represents water – the vast expanse of the oceans and the skies. It is a symbol of peace, stability and harmony, and is commonly associated with healing, patience, happiness and confidence. Nonetheless, blue is the color of mourning in Iran.


Red Birthstones

Red represents blood, birth, death and strong emotions. It is a symbol of passion, courage and strength. It stands for excitement and energy, but also anger, violence and aggression. In Chinese traditions, red is an auspicious color. During the Lunar New Year, red is the festive color: red packets are given out, auspicious characters are written on red paper, red is worn most of the time.


Purple Birthstones

Purple represents royalty and nobility. It is a symbol of power, wisdom and spirituality. Refreshing and calming, purple is nonetheless worn by during times of mourning in Thailand



Gray / Black Birthstones

Black represents space and the universe, for it appears to contain no color. Black is often linked to sexuality, mystery, evil – and in many Western cultures, grief and sadness.

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