Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

(Common misspellings of ‘Asscher Cut Diamond Rings’: assher cut diamond, ascher cut diamond)

Used in Asscher cut diamond rings, the venerable asscher cut diamond radiates tradition and classicism. Its distinctive feature is its deep pavilion and tall crown. Of the different cut diamonds, asscher diamonds tend to have especially pronounced corners. This feature makes these diamonds look like octagons. The Asscher cut diamond has a startling powerful fire, although the asscher cut diamond seems to be not as brilliant as the more modern cuts.

Why are asscher cut diamonds seen as so valuable? They convey a majestic sense of class, and are the least common among the different diamond cuts. Rareness counts.

Asscher cut diamond: Loose

Asscher cut diamond Loose, asscher diamond cut

Asscher cut diamond engagement ring

The asscher cut diamond engagement ring has distinctive allure; it is a brilliant mix of many desirable traits of diamonds.

Being featured in popular media always helps fashion trends gain popularity. The asscher cut is one such example, recently featured in ‘Sex and the City’. As the above description suggests, asscher cut diamonds have unique characteristics that contribute strongly to celebrity fashion trends. They can be found in many things – including engagement rings, wedding diamond rings, pendants, and bracelets.

Asscher cut diamond earring

An indispensable component of the asscher cut collection, asscher cut diamond earrings are very powerful. When you buy diamonds of asscher cut, pay attention to the closure. Does it demonstrate beauty?

The earrings below come with a free crystal box or velvet pouch.

Asscher cut diamond earrings

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