Antique Jewelry Wedding Ring

Antique Diamond Wedding Ring / Vintage Style Wedding Ring

The Antique Jewelry Wedding Ring is an important choice to consider when buying wedding or engagement rings. Those looking for a traditional, vintage touch will love this antique style diamond wedding ring. The limited store of antique diamond wedding rings means that these antique style wedding rings or antique style engagement rings can be fairly pricey.

Vintage Style Wedding Ring, Antique Diamond Wedding Ring

Antique wedding ring setting or Antique engagement ring setting

There are many differences in antique engagement ring settings, for there are many ways to express the vintage feel. This antique ring setting style changes with different fads and changes with the times. Those looking for a definitive ‘vintage’ feel will be disappointed, for there is no such thing. But the following images give a fair representation of what has been deemed ‘vintage’ at various points in time.

Various antique engagement rings and antique wedding rings

Vintage Wedding Ring, Ring Setting Vintage, Diamond Ring Vintage Wedding

Antique Gold Wedding Ring

Antique Jewelry Wedding Ring, Antique engagement ring setting, Antique wedding ring setting


Various vintage engagement rings and vintage wedding rings

Antique Reproduction Wedding Ring

Symbols of fertility, antique wedding rings that indicate reproduction are sometimes worn by women.

Antique Wedding Ring Set / Vintage Wedding Ring Set


Vintage Wedding Ring Set, Antique Jewelry Wedding Ring

Antique Gold Wedding Ring, Antique Jewelry Wedding Ring

Antique Platinum Ring Setting

Antique Platinum Ring Setting, Ring Setting Vintage

Rose Gold Antique Cut Diamond Pendant

This rose gold antique cut diamond pendant was once deemed classic vintage.
Antique Cut Diamond Pendant

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