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Welcome to Buy Diamonds Rings! This website is dedicated to making buying diamonds easy. Buying diamonds does not have to be a daunting experience where you feel you know nothing about what you are buying. You do not have to be at the mercy of the diamond seller. This guide will demystify the diamond buying process and make buying diamonds easy. Learn how to clean diamond rings, how pearls are graded, where do diamonds come from, how to evaluate diamond color, how to string pearls, how to buy diamond rings and earrings, engagement ring traditions and much more.

If you have ever tried buying diamonds, you will understand how daunting the task can be. What makes one diamond ring more valuable than another? What do some people like more than others in some diamond rings? How can you tell if the diamond is real? These are all important questions to know the answers to if you want to be a skillful diamond buyer.

Start with the following pages to get a good grasp of the fundamentals you need to know before buying diamonds:

Buy Diamond Rings – Did you know that there are many different diamond cuts, each with its own meaning and each with its own significance? The diamond cuts include: calla cut diamond, oval cut diamond, cushion cut diamond, marquise cut diamond, trellis cut diamond, trillion cut diamond, radiant cut diamond, heart cut diamond. Comprehensive descriptions of different diamond cuts along with many pictures. Essential reading before buying diamond rings.

Birthstone Color Chart – Chart of colors and meanings for the different birthstones. Essential before you buy birthstone jewelry for your friends and loved ones.

Birthstone Month List – Use the Birthstone Month List to find out what your birthstone is before you buy birthstone jewelry. Each birthstone has its own powers and it was even once believed that different birthstones should be worn each month to harness the power of each birthstone.

Birthstones include garnet (January), amethyst (February), aquamarine (March), diamond (April), emerald (May), alexandrite (June), ruby (July), peridot (August), sapphire (September), opal (October), topaz (November), turquoise (December).

Buy Birthstones – Comprehensive descriptions of each birthstone along with many pictures of birthstone jewelry.